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Consultation experience.

No one understands the needs and challenges in healthcare better than clinicians. That’s why we work closely with our doctors, nurses and specialists to enable them to provide the best possible care.

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Re-imagining the consultation experience for a global team

Rather than reacting to market demands, we worked closely with our global team of clinicians to understand their needs. The result is a scalable solution that adapts gracefully to an ever changing healthcare environment.

Connecting with
the patient.

Via video.

Being able to focus on one thing at a time enables the clinician to build a connection with the patient through a video call while providing safe care. This is why we make sure to only show what is essential at each moment in the patient’s care journey.

Maximized. Focus on the patient.

Minimized. Focus on the medical data.

Adaptive form. Adaptive focus.

Patient: At the start of the consultation, the video interface helps establish eye contact between the patient and clinician.

Data: Then minimising to display the abundance of patient data.

The UI. Flexible by default.

Rather than treating every patient the same, we built a clinician experience that works regardless of a clinician’s profession, location or the particular condition they’re treating.

Without limiting the clinician's freedom, the interface reinforces commonly performed actions, while keeping less frequently used tools at hand.

Patterns. Learnable and
convenient interactions.

Clear structure makes it easy to onboard and build a mental model of the information hierarchy.

This means clinicians can learn and adopt to new features quickly, which lets them stay efficient and focus on the patient.


Care for the patient
Where the clinician interacts with the patient through video and voice, and where the patient info can be found.

Read medical records
Where all medical records are stored and can be read.

Create record entries
Where new medical record entries and neware created.

Next level.
Artificial intelligence.

We use the latest advances in Large Language Models to facilitate note taking and finding ICD codes for the relevant diagnosis set by the clinician. This reduces administrative time while ensuring that every patient is accounted for.

UI - Transcribing

Note suggestions.

Suspicion of a secondary infection.

Good general health otherwise.

The patient has been experiencing heavy sore throat for over 3 days. The antibiotic therapy prescribed last week didn't relieve symptoms.

Portrait of the person quoted

“Our challenge was to build an interface that could help a complex product scale to serve a technology-enabled healthcare service, while making it simple and delightful for clinicians to use.”

Product impact.

With a constantly improving clinician experience, Kry empowers healthcare professionals to deliver the best care of their careers.

Not only this, but we’ve achieved some of the highest service efficiencies in the industry at 7.28 appointments per hour.


Appointments per hour
The highest service efficiency

Tools of the trade.
Tech stack.

Technology makes a huge difference in the way we provide care, and the tools we use make it possible for us to change the lives of our patients.

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