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We harness the latest technology in Large Language Models (LLMs) to collect information about the patient’s care needs using the Kry Digital Assistant.

Let’s chat about
the problem.

To make chatting more efficient than a video or physical appointment, a nurse needs to handle multiple patients at the same time.

Handling multiple conversations is challenging in many ways, for example:

  • The response rate differs between patients. 
  • A nurse handling multiple patients can't respond instantly to replies, which in turn sets the pace of all the replies after it.
  • The risk of mixing up patients.

Janée Dough
Nurse working in the chat.  

The Digital Assistant.

Getting the right care starts with understanding the patient’s needs. We use the latest technology in Large Language Models (LLMs) to collect information about the patient’s care needs using the Kry Digital Assistant.

This AI technology allows our clinicians to get an overview and understanding of the patient’s problem and expectations.

Get answers.
The patient’s
own words.

For the nurse, this means they don't have to repeat the same questions to every patient, which delays all replies. Instead, they can take over once the Digital Assistant has collected enough information to get a good overview.

For the patient, their care journey starts in an instant. While there might still be some waiting time before the nurse joins the chat, they never have to wait before they can start sharing details about their care needs.


Upon opening a chat, nurses are presented with a concise, AI-generated summary of the patient’s case as well as the assistant's complete conversation with the patient.

Note. Clinicians are informed that the summary was written by AI and that some information may be incorrect or missing. They should always review the chat history before using the summary in medical record entries or other documentation.

Janée Dough
Nurse working in the chat.  

Treat Patients.

When the standard questions are out of the way, the nurse can focus on the patient and ask some clarifying questions – whatever is needed to make sure the patient gets the right treatment or advice.

Faster. Stronger. More efficient.

Nurses can give their full attention to a few patients rather than juggling all waiting conversations at the same time.

Janée Dough
Nurse working in the chat.  

Impact in numbers.
AI supercharges our nurses.


fewer nurse messages

Nurses typically send 29% fewer messages in chats with the digital assistant


drop in no-response patients

The number of patients that didn’t answer the chat reduced by 41.5%


less time spent by 
nurses in chat

Length of nurse chats: 10 minutes on average for AI vs. 24 minutes on average for normal nurse chat


relevant assistant questions

98% of digital assistant questions were considered relevant to the patient case as evaluated by a medical quality audit.

What our nurses say.

Portrait of the person quoted

"While AI cannot replace skills and empathy, it can be a valuable tool to improve workflow. It empowers me to devote more time and personal attention to each one seeking help. That raises quality in each encounter.”

Anders Molin
Nurse working in chat
Portrait of the person quoted

“The Digital Assistant prepares me with necessary and relevant information for my chat appointments. As a result we can help more patients.”

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